Bossier City Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase, FSBO’s Appraisals

Navigating any real estate market can be challenging, whether you’re a homeowner trying to sell your property independently or a seasoned realtor seeking to set the right list price. The abundance of market data can make it difficult to determine the true value of your home or land.

That’s where I come in. I provide expert assistance to establish accurate property values in Bossier City and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Devereux Appraisal Co, LLC?

At Devereux Appraisal Co, LLC, I offer professional, unbiased third-party home and land appraisals. These appraisals often provide more accuracy than realtor-based Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs). Here’s how our services can benefit you:

1. Pre-Listing Appraisals: A pre-listing appraisal ensures both you and your agent have an accurate understanding of your property’s features and a detailed analysis of recent and comparable sales. It helps you set a realistic selling price, attracting potential buyers and instilling confidence in them.

2. Effective Negotiation Tool: A professional appraisal provides an effective tool for negotiating with potential buyers and their agents. It highlights any upfront repair issues that could affect FHA or VA loans, reducing the chances of the sale falling through.

3. Avoiding Pricing Pitfalls: Overpricing your home can deter buyers and waste valuable time and resources. Underpricing can lead to a lower selling price. A pre-listing appraisal helps you determine the true list price range for your property, ensuring a market-based price and maximizing your chances of a swift sale.

Customized Valuation Solutions

I understand that every situation is unique. Depending on your specific needs, a full appraisal may be necessary, or a more limited Market Analysis Consultation may suffice. My goal is to provide the valuation that best serves your requirements.

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Don’t let uncertainty about your property’s value affect your real estate transactions. Reach out to me today via email at or by phone at (318) 797-1400 to discuss your particular case. My expertise and professional appraisals will help you make informed decisions in Bossier City and the local dynamic real estate market.

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