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To discuss your particular situation, please contact me today via e-mail ( or at (318) 797-1400.

I provide appraisals and consultation based on research through local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), investigations and interviews with local Agents/Brokers, logical analysis and an appropriate level of documentation. A variety of reporting options exist and are designed to balance the client’s need with the fees. Communication is always a priority during the initial proposal phase and the assignment.


  • Family Law
  • Value Diminution
  • Bankruptcy
  • Boundary Discrepancies
  • Market Trends
  • Non Performance
  • Litigation Support
  • Any Issue That Can Be Supported by Market Data

Estate Planning

  • Date of Passing Retrospective Appraisal
  • Step-Up Basis Valuation Appraisal
  • Trust Valuation Appraisals
  • Gifting/Charitable Donations
  • Fractional Interests

I have prepared numerous estate tax planning appraisal reports for attorneys, accountants and Trustees, and I am familiar with IRS appraisal requirements..

Private Appraisals

  • Confirmation of Value for a Cash Purchase
  • Principle to Principle Transaction
  • Tax Appeal
  • PMI Removal
  • REO/Short Sale Acquisition Appraisals
  • Determination of Value Range for Marketing a Property


  • Acquisition
  • Marketing/Selling
  • Litigation


Devereux Appraisal Co, LLC, is aligned with several regional and national institutions that provide a wide variety of lending products including traditional mortgages, equity lines and construction loans. I provide collateral assessments for REO or pre-foreclosure properties with either an onsite walk through or limited [drive-by] exterior only appraisals.


Appraisal and consultation fees are quoted based on specific assignment parameters and property characteristics. Please contact me for an initial consultation and to discuss the process of the proposal and the assignment.

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